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In Honor Of

My grandmother’s hands always carried the comforting scent of onions from her daily ritual of chopping up the trinity for the many delicious dishes she made for our family—like her savory chicken and rice, rich gumbo, and hearty etouffee.

As a proud Louisiana Creole, Clementine Fontenot filled our home with not only good food but also a love for a good time. She is the inspiration behind Beaux Boudin, where we express our love through each dish, and our motivation to share it with you.
Jeff & Melissa Hernandez-Crump

The Fontenot Food Group

The Fontenot Group is a passionate team dedicated to creating a network of restaurants, products and concepts that are deeply rooted in the soul of our varied culinary traditions. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to authenticity, we carefully invest in early stage, high growth restaurant ideas, consumer products and companies that craft immersive and elevated experiences.

Each of our ventures act as portals to new experiences that celebrate heritage, culture and better our daily lives.

At the Fontenot Group, we believe in offering flavorful journeys, creating stories to share, and connecting each other to bettering the culinary community.