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The Team


Meet the Team

The Beaux Boudin team, is comprised of a family dedicated to crafting great Boudin and dishes inspired by our Texas-Louisiana backgrounds.

Jeff “Beaux”Crump

Jeff Crump, the founder and visionary of Beaux Boudin, is driven by a passion for Boudin and Cajun-Creole culture, history, and cuisine. His goal is to create an establishment that not only highlights these key categories but also educates and introduces the best aspects of his culture to a broader audience.

Melissa Hernandez – Crump

Melissa Hernandez, the owner of Beaux Boudin, is more than a seasoned entrepreneur —she’s a dedicated steward of hospitality. With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence Melissa ensures that every team member and customer feels as they are part of the Beaux Boudin family.
Team Member

Cindy Hernandez

Cindy Hernandez, a vital team member at Beaux Boudin, stands as a passionate cook and a key leader within the company. With years of dedicated work experience, she exemplifies hard work and a relentless commitment to her craft. Cindy’s insatiable curiosity and fascination with cooking drive her continuous pursuit of learning and mastery in the culinary arts.
Team Member

Aiden Aguirre

Chef Aiden Aguirre, a rising culinary star, puts heart and creativity into traditional Cajun-Creole cuisine. His inventive flair and commitment to perfecting flavors bring delicious and exciting ideas to our menu.